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When we first decided to do an Internet Radio Show or Podcast as some call it, we were not sure what direction the show was to take us. We started Your Life Matters Show whose popularity continues to grow each and every month.

One of the things we did notice though was that many authors were being advised against speaking about Jesus Christ and the profound effects their beliefs have had on their lives. This disturbed us deeply and in fact we encouraged the authors not to leave this out of their interviews and to feel free to express and rejoice in the fact they were Christians.

After praying for guidance, we truly believe that offering a place for Christians to come to for information, religious instruction, prayer requests, Christian Music and news, weekly sermons and great Christian books will only assist in our striving to help spread the Word of God by another medium.

Having been born again in February of 2010, both of us believe that we must all do our part in rejoicing and spreading the news that Jesus Christ was sent by our Father to die for the forgiveness of our sins. He has laid the ground work on how we should live our lives and that is all neatly presented for us in the Bible.

We truly believe we can present a spiritual and intellectual website for you, advertisment free for your wholesome Christian entertainment.

Steve and Jennifer Hodgson

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