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Rev. Vernon G. Elgin

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So let’s start off right away with today’s question…Have we become so politically correct in this country that we avoid talking about religion completely to be sure that we do not offend anyone? On this show we have never shied away from religious subjects nor will we in the future. We want to talk about the great feeling of love and fulfillment we feel inside now that we have devoted our life to the Lord Jesus Christ. But this type of talk turns some people off. Some right now have clicked off this interview right now. Our next guest did not shy away from talking about religion. In fact in his travels of four continents he would speak to his drivers about religion. Today we are going to talk about the book Holy Hitchhiking Foreign Highways. The book was written by a Ph.D. who has studied in various universities across the country, holds a doctor of theology degree from the New College of the University of Edinburg, Scotland. He has ministered and pastured in churches across the US and taught religious courses around the world. It is our honor to welcome to Your Christian Life Matters Rev. Vernon G. Elgin.

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